Gay men’s tales of monogamy and non-monogamy: changes, convenience and stresses

Gay men’s tales of monogamy and non-monogamy: changes, convenience and stresses

Even though some gay men idealise monogamy, especially in the first phase of a connection, people typically grow to be non-monogamous as time passes, Australian analysts document in a write-up circulated online prior to create in Culture, health insurance and sex.

Guys usually determine non-monogamy as reasonable in homosexual relations, as a result of friendly and cultural norms in gay towns. But repositioning the floor rules of interactions might daunting for some partners, particularly if the lovers got various principles about monogamy and non-monogamy.

For the qualitative study, Steven Philpot and colleagues done detailed interview with 61 Australian gay guys. The interview explained problems of intimacy, commitments and monogamy with people have been either unmarried or in partners at the time of the interview.



A variant characterised by a specific genotype.


Another word for erotic drive.


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Qualitative studies are familiar with investigate and realize people’s impressions, activities, perceptions or behaviours. It requests questions relating to exactly how and just why. Qualitative data might by asking questions about the reasons why visitors find it hard to make use of HIV avoidance strategies. It wouldn’t question quantity men and women employ them or acquire records through data. Qualitative study approaches feature interviews, focus your attention organizations and associate watching.

HIV is usually carried within committed interaction, extremely a significantly better understanding of commitment characteristics is extremely important for HIV anticipation.


Lots of men, specially young men, implicitly expected monogamy for the foundation for long-range relationships. The two sense it made security, safety, intimacy and reliability. It has been watched representing a more ethical approach to life than non-monogamy and promiscuity.

“We never discussed are fully special: it actually was simply confirmed we would simply determine one another.” (one, 21 several years).

“Even though I’m how to find a real sugar daddy in roshester gay I continue to have confidence in all the dependable family factor. Therefore, I Actually Do wish a husband and toddlers.” (Coupled, 22 decades).

None the less, guy decided not to always think that monogamy would endure. It would be regarded as primary at the beginning of a relationship:

“i do believe it’s vital that you have got monogamy for no less than the 1st three years of union as it renders psychological connectivity and a spiritual connections. And since in the first several years of your respective commitment, that is completely new while don’t want to rip that out while having that pressure gain the relationship.” (sole, 29 several years).

Lots of men forecast associations to change to non-monogamy with time. While others guy demonstrated this by speaking about the well prepared option of sexual intercourse on gay field, other people offered neurological details:

“as soon as you’ve obtained two hormonally run males they frequently only require an outlet should they dont should self-destruct.” (solitary, 24 several years).

Exactly the same boyfriend also asserted cultural touching different homosexual twosomes had encouraged him can be expected a non-monogamous connection, even if the guy fought against this expectancy.

“Most members of relations I recognize having survived happen to be open very though we dont adore it, i know that in case I want a lasting connection, there’s a good chance that is the answer to success.”

Compared, more people aspired to non-monogamy. They can idealise some older twosomes whoever interactions happened to be dependable, prosperous and open:

“They’re significantly crazy and they’ve got a property jointly. And they’re in an entirely available connection… That’s one thing I’d really like at the same time. It’d generally be great to get at that time at some point just where insecurities have gone therefore dont bother about who’s resting with that, if you like the individual you’re heading home to… If [partner] and I does remain together long-term, which is exactly where I find out our commitment going.” (Coupled, 28 a very long time).


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