College student info and highschool transcripts utilize myPass to order Alberta school records and certifications.

College student info and highschool transcripts utilize myPass to order Alberta school records and certifications.

Make use of myPass to purchase Alberta high-school Transcripts and Diplomas, point of view complete Academic states (DARs) plus.

Dinner table of information


MyPass will be the Alberta government’s online application for students to:

  • purchase high school transcripts in french or French
  • read degree exam spots
  • sign-up to write down or rewrite diploma examinations with using the internet pay
  • read and print Detailed educational accounts (DAR)
  • watch progression towards a credential (diploma or certification)
  • purchase additional copies of a provided credential in English or French
  • put updates for crucial messages

MyPass may also be used to locate and produce an official report of which students resides with and where the two online. This could be required for some Ontario income institution queries efficient from faculty season 2017.

Needed expertise to enroll in myPass

To subscribe, you really need to have:

People can join at their unique high-school or using the internet with myPass. We urge all high school students to subscribe in Grade 10.

Mom or guardians

Adults or guardians can enroll at their kids’s recent senior high school.

Other people

A student can give myPass use of other people by going into their email address contact information in myPass and indicating the relationship. This will likely make an access signal. One more people may then input this rule along with their email address contact information into myPass to review the student’s critical information.

Signup page

If students can’t enroll at their college or right with myPass, they may need myPass to experience a signup page mailed for their address that is now on data. This letter will offer manuals and allow them to tightly create a myPass account.

  • If the address on data is not at all latest, please phone Student registers.

The signup document produced an access code logical for month. If about 1 month has gone by, youngsters may either:

  • consult myPass to obtain access again, or
  • contact their own class

Membership entry

Mother or guardians have access to their child’s help and advice if:

  • the student possesses went to an approved Alberta faculty, and
  • the parent/guardian’s website information, most notably current email address, is definitely arrived in from the student’s class into PASIprep

Mother or guardians have access to these records before the baby changes 18 yrs old or becomes independent. Father and mother or guardians are able to request entry from baby as an official individual.

Other people can simply access a student’s data if:

  • each student happens to be 16 yrs old or earlier
  • the student offers went to a certified Alberta school, and
  • a student grants entry to the individual through myPass

Ignored passwords

In the event you disregard your myPass code:

  1. Go browsing to myPass
  2. Simply click “Sign in with Education membership”
  3. Click on the “Forgot your own password?” link to write an innovative new password

To help keep graduate facts protected, remember to sign up and close websites browser after accessing myPass, specifically when utilizing an open or discussed desktop.


The Alberta Transcript of twelfth grade accomplishment provides the highest marks and loans granted to students.

  • reporting of coursework finished in Alberta-accredited and out-of-province institutes
  • additional information on special study course mark situations
  • exterior credentials and twin enrolments to aid the Provincial double financing approach
  • security features when you look at the papers such as for instance temperature vulnerable liquid and embedded watermarks
  • French accented characters


A student’s authorized title, as authorized within the essential numbers Act, was exhibited automatically on transcripts of the audio, certification and provincial tests.

If students grew up in a legislation outside Alberta, the student’s title will be presented precisely as it got subscribed in this particular district or as registered in the state federal government of Ontario record.

For most situation, kids have to supply promote government-issued recognition when making use of an official file circulated by Alberta training that features their particular lawful term. Some situations contain:

  • education loans
  • post-secondary entry
  • occupations

This identity should align with formal files from Alberta training to protect yourself from distress or difficulties.

How to lawfully reprogram your label in Alberta.

Just how to ordering their transcript

Alberta post-secondary establishments

When you are signing up to an Alberta post-secondary institution, the institution can put transcripts of the audio using the internet in your stead from ApplyAlberta.

You cannot feel charged a fee.

General needs

Senior school records might purchased any time online utilizing myPass and sent to a location of your choosing.

There is certainly a $10.00 non-refundable process charge per backup.

Standard 9 Records

To ordering quality 9 transcripts, you should contact your school and/or school expert.

Apprentice Transcripts Of The Audio

To ordering a newbie transcript, pay a visit to MyTradesecrets.

On the web contract entry

Beginner Files Facilities

Tightly post finished ways and boosting documents applying this application.

Just PDF information and impression applications is uploaded.

We’re going to call one by email within 5 business days of receiving a submitting.

Alberta Pupil Amount

You might need an ASN to:

  • make an Education make up myPass gain access to
  • enter to write a standard academic growth (GED) assessment
  • affect Alberta post-secondary institutions (universities, educational institutions, techie companies, and apprenticeship programming)
  • sign up for financing apps (college student help, grants, Rutherford Scholarship and bursaries)

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