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We. Presenting KRF System

1. Program Goal

Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) invites outstanding postdoctoral scientists to experience a exemplary performance in their first stages of these expert professions. This program provides high-potential young researchers that are&overseas a possibility to undertake innovative and rising areas of tasks, and supports them to cultivate as research leaders of tomorrow

2. System Details

2-1. Eligibility of KRF prospects:

International post-doc researchers from all nations having diplomatic relations with Korea who possess obtained their degree that is doctoral within previous 5 years beginning with the date of formal statement.

There’s two kinds of KRF aids, according to in which the foreigner postdoc that is national are living as follow:

(Type 1) internationwide national or *Korean nationwide postdoc scientists currently residing offshore that have actually received their doctoral level in the previous 5 years ( as of the date of formal statement)

*Korean nationals – limited by those that are part of affiliates that are foreign

(Type 2) Foreign national postdoc scientists presently moving into Korea which have gotten their doctoral level inside the previous 5 years ( at the time of the date of official announcement

2-2. Skills of Host organizations and Host scientists:

Host institutions: Government-supported research institutes, nationwide and general general public research institutes, universities and university-affiliated research institutes, business research institutes* (affiliated research institutes registered with the Korea Industrial tech Association)

* Corporate research institutes are the ones founded as SMEs and endeavor organizations under Article 14 (1) associated with preliminary research advertising and tech developing help Act and Article 16 (1) regarding the Enforcement Decree of the identical Act

Host scientists: Full-time workers for the particular host organizations that have the ranking of at the very least assistant teacher, senior researcher, or seat of an investigation institute (business research institute) and fulfill the following demands:

people who have actually guaranteed in full employment for the program’s timeframe (5 years) and tend to be in a position to focus on doing the appropriate task.

※ This KRF program will undoubtedly be excluded through the jobs susceptible to the restrictions (the sheer number of R&D projects that may be simultaneously carried out by way of a researcher shall maybe maybe not surpass five, among that the number of R&D projects that may be simultaneously conducted being a principal detective shall not meet or exceed three) described in Article 32 of this Regulations on Management, etc. of nationwide analysis and Development Projects.

2-3. Areas of Research: All fields in technology and science

2-4. Duration of Fellowship: 3

five years with yearly evaluation.

2-5. Anticipating formal statement date of KRF 2019:

*First Batch: February 2019 batch that is*Second Might 2019

(susceptible to alter)

2-6. Standard of Funding:

– (Type 1) Up to KRW 70 million (

US$ 62,000) per year (workers expenses, cost of living, etc. for KRF other).

– (Type 2) Around KRW 40 million (

US$ 35,000) per year (personnel prices for KRF other)

※ Note: for Type 2, matching funds for workers expenses by host (including PI’s tasks) are mandatory. KRW 40 million counts for 80per cent associated with postdoc scientists’ individual expenses, and PI will take care of the others of 20%.

2-7. Records

* please be aware that KRF applicants must have acquired their real degree that is doctoral or diploma prior to the date of formal announcement of KRF 2019. As being a guideline, provisional certificates are not accepted. Proof act as a postdoctoral other without publishing the content of real level certification just isn’t accepted.

* just formal certifications saying their education date that is conferral by the degree awarded college may be given. Certificates not showing a degree date that is conferral provisional certificates are not appropriate.

2-8. How exactly to use

KRF applications are submitted by the inviting researchers (Host researchers) by uploading necessary documentations through the NRF website (ernd.kr that is.nrf.re because of the due date of each and every batch.

KRF candidates desperate to be involved in this system are encouraged to establish connection with a Korean or host that is foreign within their industry in Korea and to request him/her to sign up.

KRF candidates are immensely important which will make this contact well prior to the host institution’s application deadline.

II. Research Host Matching Provider for KRF Candidates

A startup specialized in linking KRF prospects and hosts

1. What’s the Analysis Host Matching Provider?

This service is initiated by KRF help group of NRF so that you can help interested outstanding post-doc international researchers who’re entitled to Type 1 conditions rather than secured hosts in Korea to utilize for the KRF system. (This solution aren’t readily available for Type 2 prospects.)

2. Procedures

1. Trying to get “Research Host Matching service”

(KRF candidates)

2. Assessment and Launching to hosts that are korean

(Nationwide Foundation Analysis of Korea(NRF))

3. Apply for KRF program (Principal Investigator/KRF applicants)

– evidence of level with

form1- introduction of KRF prospect

– assessment the eligibility of KRF prospects (Require if required)

– Introducing applications to your hosts that are anticipate Korea

– Further conversation regarding research plan between host the KRF candidate

– make an application for KRF system

3. Just how to use

3-1. Things to submit

Form 1 Introduction of KRF prospect with a evidence of Ph. D. level.

3-2. Deadline of introduction applications:

9 have always been Dec. 3rd (Mon.) 2018, Korea Time (GMT+9)

3-3. The best place to submit

※ Introduction Applications must certanly be submitted to KRF help group via email.

3-4. Other information

Extra documents and information may have to offer the application if required

3-5. Procedures in details

1) assessment eligibility in line with the applications

2) Submitted introduction applications will likely be introduced towards the potential host organizations in Korea

3) Host will contact their interested candidates.

4) the official decision is designed to host the prospect so that you can submit an application for KRF system after confirmation due to their particular host organization plus the KRF prospect.

*Please keep in mind NRF just presents applications that are individual the institutions and it is certainly not an assurance to secure your host in addition to being chosen as a KRF other.

If you haven’t been contacted by any host organizations after publishing the program, please keep investigating by yourself to locate host organizations in Korea and submit the KRF application throughout your host so that you can meet with the deadline that is round.

4. Contact Information

Nationwide Zde jsou vГЅsledky Analysis First Step Toward Korea (NRF)

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